The Mighty String Thing is an annual concert series produced by musician Doug Cox.

What do you get when you bring six great players together onstage in front of a room full of music lovers? This is the musical question that the only the Mighty String Thing can - and will - answer!

If you've ever been to a folk festival, you know what can happen when artists of different musical persuasions get together. We're talking once-in-a-lifetime musical moments that leave everyone in the house - both the players AND the listeners going "Wow, did that really happen?". They're usually served up with some great stories and a side order of laughter too.

Mighty String Thing 2016 Lineup Was :

The first series was produced in April 2016 and featured these astounding bunch of pickers.

Everyone had a blast in 2016, performers and audience alike!

Stay tuned for lineup and dates for The Mighty String Thing, 2017 !